Morph Music Pack: Enhance Your Game

Morph Music Pack: The Ultimate Soundtrack Solution for Game Developers

Are you a game developer in search of the perfect soundtrack to bring your project to life? Looking for a music collection that can adapt to any project’s vibe? The Morph Music Pack has got you covered. This comprehensive set of tracks provides users with the ability to customize the music to match any circumstance or mood.

What is the Morph Music Pack?

The pack is a royalty-free collection of 12 tracks, consisting of four songs and three variants of each song. Our team of experts has carefully crafted each track in the pack to cater to a range of game genres. Trust that our music will fit the bill for any project, whether it’s exploration-style or intense action. The pack includes source files for every song, allowing users to modify the tempo, create custom loops, and add a unique touch.

Customizable Versions of Each Song

The pack offers three different versions of each song, making it easy to customize the music to suit your project’s needs. The Electronic Music rendition is perfect for games with a contemporary, electronic feel. The Calm Orchestra version is ideal for projects that require a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere, while the Action Orchestra version is the perfect fit for intense, dramatic scenes.

Layer Versions for Easy Integration

Each Morph Music Pack song has a layer version that can seamlessly integrate with popular game development applications like FMOD and WWISE. This makes it easy for developers to incorporate music seamlessly into their projects, without any additional hassle or time-consuming processes.

Royalty-Free Music for Hassle-Free Use

One of the biggest advantages of the pack is that it is completely royalty-free. With the Morph Music Pack, developers can use the music in their projects without worrying about copyright or additional fees. The Morph Music Pack is an affordable and practical choice for developers in need of high-quality music for their projects.

Customizable Source Files for Complete Control

In addition to the customizable versions of each song, the pack also includes the source files for every track. Users have complete control over the music, enabling them to adjust the tempo, create their own loops, and add their personal touch to every track.

The Perfect Soundtrack Solution for Any Game Genre

The Morph Music Pack has the perfect soundtrack solution for any game genre, from first-person shooters to puzzle games. The pack offers customizable and layer versions to suit any mood or situation.

Where to Buy?

You can buy MMP from Unity Asset Store, Unreal Engine Marketplace,, GameDev Market, and Our Shop.